March 31, 2007

The 8th sem

I put my finger between the beak
placed my foot on debeaker n heard it creak.
"poor bird" thought I as it made a noise
then pressed the paddle coz i had no choice.

Creep on mulberry the larvae of silk moth,
We wonder for whom has our prof all this wroth.
We have tasar n anaphe yellow eri cocoon
we're waiting 4 a diapause this month of june.

When study is a compulsion n the course is a vector.
keep staring at the bees as they collect the nectar.
aphids and syrphids, on shrubs n herbs.
studying taxonomy makes you lose your nerve.

There's more to be learned n much to be remembered.
I loathe the day when this course was offered.
mug it up! mug it up!n you'll score for sure.
n you know how to be an entrepreneur.

Here's a fungi n this is a coccus.
Studying Microbio makes me lose my focus.
bacterial culture n safranine smell.
the wraith of slides n dyes casts a viscious spell.

In huts of bamboo little mushrooms sprout.
of mushroom species is the course all about.
where the labs are held under the sun
Our prof bunks classes and it is great fun.

This is the story of our semester eight
the end of which would decide our fate.