March 27, 2009

The Peer Group Effect

When we were in 2nd year and I had Gitanjali and Richa as my roomies we heard Gitanjali humming a really unknown song on a leisure day. Like everyone else, we had this innate habit of incorporating whatever we were studying in our daily lives and we were studying early childhood and peer groups. Since we knew, that peer groups had a strong influence on what a child learnt while growing up we quickly concluded that "ho na ho ye Gitanjali ke peer group ne hi sikhaya hoga isko" Hence from that day, if someone sang a song about which noone knew we reasoned out that it was because they had a strong peer group influence. Singing unknown songs thus came to be known as a peer group effect. Later on a few relaxations were given and songs of the 90s were included in peer group songs. We used peer group songs now and then to have fun and make fun of the 90s. "Kaise gaane hote they. Kapde to dekho. Inko ab ye dekh k sharam nahin aati hogi, ki humne aisa bhi kiya hai?"

So this time its not the other day, it was yesterday and today. Yesterday was when Avantika n I sat down chatting and she started the conversation with "oye hoy hoy tu soni kudi, oy hoy hoy jaadoo ki pudi". to which I replied "Bholi bhali ladki, Khol tere dil ki, pyar waali khidki, ho ho ho ho". and then it went on and forth.
Today was when I got a mail from parmoparam mitr which had a youtube link of Churrakke dil mera, goriya chali. (P.S. it has to be churrakke and not chura ke since we sang it that ways only) So I remembered the times when it snowed in Nainital and we ran to the ground wearing gum-boots and singing churrakke dil mera goriya chali while sliding here and there . The Akshay Kumars, Govindas, Aamir khans, Suneil Shettys, Saif Alis and Shahrukh Khans of 90s. Sab hum hi they. The songs on which we have been weaned, the songs that we grew up listening to...

If you come across videos of any of these songs, you bet you'll find them to be hilarious. Be it the back n forth neck exercise of Saif in haathon mein aa gaya jo kal rumaal aapka or pelvic thrust of Akshay in tu cheez badi hai mast mast. But those were the times when we knew the lyrics of these songs by heart and waited for friday to see philips top ten. Those were times when we had to rewind the casette every time we wished to re-listen to a song and not just push a button to choose an option of 'repeat one'. Those were the times of careless childhood..

Anyhow before this topic starts turning a little too serious, I would like to leave you with this: